We will resolve your HR

SupportMe is a digital platform that helps businesses to improve and simplify their HR tasks. A well-functioning HR work ensures that everything flows. Through SupportMe you get digital, fast, professional and profitable support. Because we think many need support at work.

We will resolve your HR

Profitability optimization is all about doing detective work

Viktor Ekman, CEO of Aliceco, works with these main points: sustainability, profitability, and business development.

Lextera Law is here to help

Lawyer Anne Lindgren-Slotte at Lextera Law wants to be your law firm that is always easy to contact. Do not wait too long to make contact if you are worried about something, she says. Anne Lindgren-Slotte is also one of SupportMe’s legal adviser.

Dialog are SupportMe’s new advisors – drama pedagogy is being used more and more in HR

Our network continues to grow. We can proudly present Dialog – a drama pedagogic resource
centre, as a part of SupportMe.

Strengthen your team with group coaching 

Now it is a good time for teams to think about their own communication. Especially now after the heavy corona spring and considering the prevailing situation, it would be worth wile for every team to go in for collaboration and wellbeing within the team.  

All pieces must fall in place

Björn Helsing, advisor in the restaurant business, has a long experience of all kinds of development projects within his industry. A common denominator for all his assignments is to find clever ways to work. 

How are your personnel doing today?

Now if ever that is a relevant question. Before fall it would be good for every team leader and employer to check up on your staff and how they really are doing. A lot of workplaces have an exhausted and morally worn out staff after the rough corona spring.

How to prepare yourself for a return to the office

It’s time to come back to reality and figure out ways to get back to work after your vacation. Coach Carina Granö-Träskelin gives you 4 helpful tips to think of before returning to work.