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We will resolve your HR – digitally.

SupportMe is a digital platform that helps businesses to improve and simplify their HR tasks.

Article of the Month

Björn Helsing new Advisor at SupportMe

The Corona crisis has left the restaurant industry in turmoil. SupportMe has taken on board Björn Helsing as an advisor for the restaurant and events industry.

A well-functioning HR work ensures that everything flows. SupportMe is an innovative and supportive solution that embraces the most basic needs a company should provide on a daily basis. The time of the massive HR departments is over. The HR work is here and now and is carried out in several places in a company or organization. 


Carina Granö-Träskelin new coach at SupportMe

During this spring digital solutions have become part of everyday life – also within the wellness industry. Supportme is now expanding its network and welcomes Coach Carina Granö-Träskelin to the team.  

9 Ostrobothnian leaders share with us – this is how we create trust during these times

What have you actively kept in mind when communicating with your coworkers? What has the current crisis taught you so …

The home office looks good in the social media streams – but how does it work in practice? 

Social media streaming is full of home office captures. Kids doing their homework at the kitchen table and adults drinking coffee with a laptop on their lap. It brings a mix of feelings of it being something exotic, unpleasant as well as scary. However, the job needs to be done. We list a few ideas on how to successfully work from home. 

Anna Nordmyr: ” The concept One day at a time is now being put to the test”

These are exceptional times we are living in at the moment with a state of emergency across the country. Suddenly the majority are working from home, students are practicing online learning and entrepreneurs are struggling to keep their businesses above water.

This is digital leadership – 3 questions every boss needs to ask themselves right now

  The traditional leadership style is built on being able to control work effort and therefore results. But what happens …

To instill belief in the future and courage in the market is very important during these times

The earlier we start to risk manage, the less likely it is for us to plummet. SupportMes consultant Anna Bertills instills hope in entrepreneurs, leaders and coworkers in state of emergency.


Ask a lawyer

SupportMe’s experts serve you with questions related to communication, law, leadership, work guidance and well-being in the workplace. Anne Lindgren-Slotte at law firm Lextera Law answers questions related to law in the workplace. You can book both digital and physical meetings. For booking and pricing information – get in touch in the chat!


A lot of complaints at work?

Then work guidance can be the right form of support for your workplace. At SupportMe, Two Sisters Consultation works with Anna Nordmyr and Jenny Julin as supervisors and coaches. You can book both digital and physical meetings. For booking and pricing information – get in touch in the chat!

Isn’t it about time we digitize HR?

The purpose of all HR activities is to satisfy basic processes and plans for staff well-being and development. A healthy and motivated workforce should always be the goal.

A well-functioning HR work ensures that everything flows. Through SupportMe you get digital, fast, professional and profitable support. Because we think many need support at work.



Internal and external communication is connected

At SupportMe Bertills & Jung saves you in value-driven communication. You can book both digital and physical meetings. For booking and pricing information – get in touch in the chat!