Communications & strategy

Good communication is the basis for a healthy working climate and good leadership. Good communication responds to both internal and external needs. In order to succeed in external communication, communication must also work internally. Building sustainable communication is also about strengthening the corporate culture and developing values ​​in which all employees are based.

Bertills & Jung guide on issues related to communication and leadership. We help, support and educate in leadership, change, and development. But also practically in social media, branding and content production. We always start with relationships and communication between people.

Why does it pay off to focus on communication?

  • We sell more if everyone works towards the same goal.
  • We feel better when everyone works according to the same values.
  • We strengthen the relationship with customers, both existing and future.
  • We get a warmer atmosphere in the coffee room.
  • We are strengthening our brand both digitally and IRL.

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The hourly rate for communication and leadership is 70 euros + VAT.

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