Strengthen your team with group coaching 

Now it is a good time for every team to think about their own communication. Especially now after the heavy corona spring and considering the prevailing situation, it would be worthwhile for every team to strengthen the wellbeing within the team.  

We usually talk about how to react in a crisis, but it is even more important to think about how we will prepare us in front of a crisis. 

With the help and support of a professional coach the team can be able to grow stronger and be prepared for challenges and conflicts.

Group coaching is an opportunity for the team to discuss their common goals, but also reflect on their challenges. 

– During group coaching sessions we can put focus on what kind of readiness the team has at this point and what  the team could work on that would gain the whole team both on the personal level and to be able to exit challenges stronger than before, tells coach Carina Granö-Träskelin.

Coach Carina Granö-Träskelin lists five direct benefits that you as a team will accomplish with the help of regular group coaching.

1. You will have clear goals and visions for the whole team that also dares to define the challenges.

2. You will improve your communication and cooperation within the team. A team will need a functioning communication to at all be able to cooperate.

3. You will get to know each other better and increase the understanding for each other’s differences. 

4. You will find each other’s strengths and learn the best ways to use them.

5. You will strengthen the well being in the team.