All pieces must fall in place

Björn Helsing, advisor in the restaurant business, has a long experience of all kinds of development projects within his industry. A common denominator for all his assignments is to find clever ways to work. 

One of Helsings many assignments is to make restaurant kitchens more effective. As an external adviser and expert, he will do an overall assessment of how the kitchen works and will after that introduce different solutions and arrangements for how the kitchen and the whole restaurant could work more efficiently. 

The starting point for the different projects vary.

The target can be for example to increase the number of customers. The restaurant has their own customer base, but the capacity and resources would be enough to feed many more customers. 

Alternatively, the restaurant already has a stable customer base but wishes to find smoother and faster working methods to free up more resources. 

– My work mainly involves finding ways to gain time and find effective ways to keep the business going. I check up on things like the working methods in the kitchen and if the amount of personnel is in the right dimension, tells Björn Helsing. All elements need to be in their right dimensions so that the kitchen can perform well. 

There are a lot of pieces that will have to fall in place – but first you will have to find the right ones. The most important goal in Björn Helsings missions is to level up the well-being at work.