Dialog are SupportMe’s new advisors – drama pedagogy is being used more and more in HR

Our network continues to grow. We can proudly present Dialog – a drama pedagogic resource
centre, as a part of SupportMe.

Dialog is a drama pedagogic resource centre with the drama teachers Jenny Holm, Anna
Moberg and Lotta Ventus in the lead. Dialog will strengthen the versatile and broad knowledge

– Drama pedagogy is an innovative method to develop the working life and the working
community, reminds otta Ventus and Anna Moberg, drama teachers at Dialog.
Among the Nordic countries it is today a requested method and in Finland the interest for
working with communication and teambuilding has grown.

Drama pedagogy is a lot more than just theatre. Drama pedagogy is a way to guide and coach
the working community. Through roleplay, cooperation- and communication exercises it is
possible to develop the group dynamic, new working methods, customer service or even solve
tricky conflicts.

– To manage in the working community these days you will have to have some social
skills, tells Jenny Holm at Dialog. We are also having a gloomy economical situation that
affects the working life. How has the long period of working at home affected the team
and the group dynamics? In these kinds of situations can Dialog be an excellent support
and help to a lot of different working places to manage the changes and keeping up the

Dialog works in a broad area in both schools and businesses and with different kinds of
organisations. The services are versatile. It can be everything from further
educations, workshops to cooperation exercises. The group is mainly operative in Ostrobothnia
but has assignments all over Finland.