About us

Do you often think about competence, change, and learnability in the working life?

Then you have found the right place.

SupportMe supports your HR work digitally and is available for you who wants to strengthen your presence and your knowledge within working life. The site is also for those of you who are at a crossroads and are thinking of new business ideas or even creating new innovation projects but need analysis and inspiration.

SupportMe is a digital HR department. It is an innovative and supportive solution that embraces the most basic needs a company should provide on a daily basis. The time of the massive HR departments is over. The HR work is here and now and is carried out in several places in a company or organization. The responsibility for the staff lies with middle managers, and they need support in their everyday lives. SupportMe operates in three different languages ​​and ensures that all employees receive support – irrespective of industry and provenance.

Here you get help and knowledge on issues related to working life. With the help of our chat, you can consult us on issues related to communication, law, leadership, work guidance and well-being in the workplace. In our webshop, you can download documents, agreements, and lectures that support HR work at the workplace.

SupportMe is owned by the communications agency Bertills & Jung.