How are your personnel doing today?


Now if ever that is a relevant question. Before fall it would be good for every team leader and employer to check up on your staff and how they really are doing. A lot of workplaces have an exhausted and morally worn out staff after the rough corona spring.

 – It is time to, so to say, look after the damages after the storm, says work supervisor Anna Nordmyr from TwoSisters Consultation. 

It has been a rough spring and summer that has been characterized by insecurities, changes, different kind of requirements for flexibility and overall toil at work. To lead and work in uncertainty eats the people.

When the situation starts to go in the right direction, we will also start to see the consequences of the crises affecting the personnel. Why not take a discussion with your team to keep an eye on the stress level? A great opportunity for that discussion could be now when everyone will return from their vacations. 

– Ask your staff how they are doing and what are their needs right now, urges Anna Nordmyr.

In that kind of situation, it could be great to take help from a work supervisor that will give support and help. A work supervisor sees what kind of opportunities would be available and helpful for this situation. Nowadays there are a lot of different work tools and polls to check up on your employee’s health and working environment. 

The most important thing is to not just stay in the asking-stadium, you need to take care and process all the answers that you get. The purpose with an staff survey is not to just take notes of the current situation. 

– Assimilate the results, look over your needs and go in for the solutions, continues Anna Nordmyr.

On a lot of workplaces the resources are put on ice and the economy is in shambles. It helps to just focus on one thing and that will kick start the development. 

– Make a screening of the result to get the most important things out of it. Then focus on those things and invest in working with it, says Anna Nordmyr.

The fatigue after the crisis will hit when the calm subsides. A staff that has worn hard and stretched on their limits also needs to be taken care of. Every workplace needs personnel that is ready for the following ups- and downs in the daily working life.