5 things to think about when it comes to communication during a crisis

Both word and action are of great importance during these times. Communication specialist Linn Jung wants us to remember these 5 important things that one should not forget when informing and communicating about the Corona crisis.

1. Adjust campaigns. Have a look through your advertising and ongoing campaigns. Pull the plug on anything that might be inappropriate or that could be misconstrued as capitalising on peoples uncertainty. During a social crisis the receiver of a message is exceptionally sensitive and campaigns easily fail to read the room as the context might have changed during a crisis. Campaigns involving hugging, kissing and other physical contact should be put on the shelf for the time being. Adjust or take a break – and use it when the time is right and the audience is ready.


2. Empathy. Responsiveness when facing peoples anxiety and concern is of utmost importance. Let the seriousness of the situation be reflected in your communication, without diminishing people’s concerns. At this moment empathy should lead the external communication. Taking people seriously is more important than ever.


3. Efficient answers. Efficiency, availability and flexibility is always important, but now more than ever. Be ready to answer questions asked by the media, customers, members, and other important contacts. Furthemore, be sure not to forget the internal communication in the midst of all the chaos. Efficient answers create trust and build long term relations. To walk silent through the corona crisis is not an alternative.


4. Help out where you can. Have a look at the possibilities within your own occupation to help the society moving in the right direction. If you do take such action – let people know! It benefits everyone and it strengthens your brand. Everyone can take on some CSR, no matter what scale.


5. Stick to the crisis plan. It most likely entails strategically appointed spokespersons communicating forward the impact on the company caused by the corona spread, what actions you have taken and what consequences are to be expected during the near future.  Follow up and update the communication everytime the situation requires it. At the moment it is required daily.

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