Contract: Guide and Template for Permanent employment contracts


The template consist of 12 pages.
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The template for permanent employment contracts is intended to give you frames and act as guidance for an employment contract situation. The template for permanent employment contracts is made by lawyer Anne Lindgren-Slotte / Lextera Law. The template includes main duties, working hour, collective agreements, place of work, salary, benefits in kind, annual holiday, wages of sick-leave, travel, secrecy, e-mail and termination of employment contract.



The writer / editor of the template, lawyer Anne Lindgren-Slotte, can only guarantee the reliability of the article/template in Swedish and is therefore not responsible for the Finnish or English language versions of this article/template.  The article is written 11.1.2020 / the template was prepared in December 2019 and in the article/template the applicability of the legal provisions is not guaranteed after the said date. Thus, the writer cannot be held responsible for the effect of future legislative changes on said article/template. If you have any questions regarding employment contract you can book time for a meeting via chat.