Work guidance & coaching

Continuous changes in the working life and in business operations require rapid changes in ability and willingness to grow. Companies need to innovate and staff needs to learn new things and skills. This requires a whole new way of thinking and approaching one’s own work and also the ability to link it to the company’s goals. In these situations, the work guide can be a working tool.
Work guidance is suitable for both individuals and groups. The supervisor’s perspective from the outset and his structuring and clarifying questions can make the participants think about the situation in a new way.

At SupportMe Anna Nordmyr and Jenny Julin act as supervisors and coaches. Both are certified in work guidance. Work guidance is a well-established working method that promotes professional learning and which promotes the organization’s activities. Supervision also supports the organization’s strategy and business economic development.

What is the benefit of work guidance?

  • The common goals become clearer.
  • The tasks and roles are clarified at the individual, group and organizational levels.
  • Work flows better.
  • The willingness to change and learning is increasing.
  • Leadership and collaboration develop.
  • Productivity and competitiveness are given the opportunity to grow.

This is how work guidance works

  • The work guidance process consists of several conversations or occasions and the experience-based learning between the occasions. The work guide reflects the experiences of the work and the connection they have with the set goals.
  • Since work guidance is a development process, it is good to book enough time. The occasions can, for example, be 60-90 minutes at a time approximately four to six weeks apart. The ideal size of the group is 3-8 participants.
  • The work instructions are confidential.
  • Each participant has the right to decide for himself what and how openly they tell about their work and their thoughts.
  • The supervisor strives for objectivity and considers things from the outside.
  • The supervisor helps participants by asking questions that help them find their own solutions to make workflow better, structure work-related situations and learn from them.

Book a time for a digital meeting (60 minutes) via chat.
The hourly rate for supervision and coaching is 50 euros + VAT.

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