To instill belief in the future and courage in the market is very important during these times

The earlier we start to risk manage, the less likely it is for us to plummet. SupportMes consultant Anna Bertills instills hope in entrepreneurs, leaders and coworkers in state of emergency.


Sometimes we are faced with sudden and unpredictable events that strikes hard against the company’s operations. The measures taken to prevent the Corona spread is affecting many.

– Many feel helpless in the face of this evening’s events. This week could be crucial for many small and medium sized companies. We will not be able to come out of the situation with the coronavirus just like that. Now it is up to us all to find solutions and shortcuts out of this crisis, says Anna Bertills. 

To seek help and hire specialists on time, is a no brainer according to Bertills.  

– It is natural that this would have come as a shock. But we have to break free from the bubble pretty quickly. Think things through and seek help on time and the likelihood of saving your company and avoiding a total crash will be much higher.

Bertills stresses the importance of digital presence during the upcoming weeks.

–To keep customer relationships alive and healthy during no physical meetings can prove challenging for many. Thankfully there are plenty of opportunities within the digital world to be discovered. 

This could be an awakening for many with so much potential within social selling, videos, pods and live streaming. These tools also provide a way of creating relationships without meeting in person. It is understanable that most people would prefer to meet face to face, but when the situation does not allow it we need to rethink and adapt.

To instill belief in the future and courage in the market is of utmost importance right now.

– There will come a normal workday after this is over. Until then try to identify the needs of the target groups and think about what services you have to offer during these current conditions. Are there other services you could create during this time of crisis? Do not fall into the doomsday communication. Focus on creating content that strengthens the relationship between you and the recipient.

Anna Bertills reminds you to be aware of how the crisis affects you personally too.

– As a leader or supervisor you have key responsibility when a crisis comes knocking. Your leadership will be tested. Make sure to take care of your own health and energy. The crisis could affect your judgement and your ability to act as a boss. Remember to ask for help if you need it. You are not alone, even if it might feel that way right now.


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