This is how you strengthen your energy as a boss


New year, new efforts. Have you as a manager replenished your reserves for the new year? SupportMe’s consultant Anna Bertills gives her 5 best tips.


Plan your time well. It sounds repetitive, but always try to stay one step ahead so you can plan your own time. There should be time for both own recovery and company development. At best, you may be able to combine both – take a walk while thinking about the company’s development.

1. Trust your employees. Remember that you are not the best at everything. Good enough is enough. Create confidence by giving confidence. Surrounding yourself with people you trust creates a lower level of stress.

2. Build up personnel in small teams. It is not by chance that Google is often at the top in terms of job well-being. The entire organization is made up of smaller teams. This way you also get an open and more lively dialogue where employees dare to talk. In communication teams, the risk of conflict decreases.

3. Invest in skills development. This applies to both yourself and your staff. The pace of change in society and in working life is so fast and no one can afford to sit back and stagnate. No one is ever fully educated. Bring in new knowledge all the time! This is evident in the result.

4. Realize the importance of sleep. The worse you sleep, the more your efficiency declines. For short periods, it’s okay to lack sleep, but don’t let sleep deprivation last too long. As a manager, recovery is the most important thing you have.