This is digital leadership – 3 questions every boss needs to ask themselves right now


The traditional leadership style is built on being able to control work effort and therefore results. But what happens now when working from home means you can not keep an eye on your coworkers? We present 3 questions all bosses should ask themselves during emergency conditions.


1. Are you ready to increase your trust in your employees? 

The digital leadership requires that you as a leader trust your coworkers more than ever. Distance working requires increased trust from the leaders and increased sense of responsibility from the coworkers. This is 1. Not necessarily something that every coworker welcomes with open arms and 2. something that could feel extremely scary for a boss who is used to leading with control. If the answer to the headline is no – perhaps you have employed the wrong people.

2. Do you know how to strengthen self leadership within your coworkers?

The whole workplace benefits from every coworker feeling confident in their self leadership. The times of a boss ruling with an iron fist is over. Today every co worker, on any level of the organization, needs to be ready to take on some degree of leadership.  If nothing else, at least clear sense of responsibility over their own tasks and ongoing projects. You need to provide space for your coworkers to participate and contribute and you as a leader should communicate to make sure everyone is working towards the same goals. If the answer to the headline is no – aquire outside help!

3. Is everyone aware of the current expectations?

A skilled digital leader can in a clear manner explain how the business is to be managed during the coming weeks. Under rare circumstances it is extremely important to point out the right direction. Update coworkers about the current situation to increase the feeling of purpose and participation! To handle the digital leadership in a time of crisis transparency and flexibility is required by all parties. We need to be ready to, at a moments notice, change our direction or make new decisions that perhaps completely different from the ones made yesterday. If the answer to the question is no – communicate with your co workers once more  ( and then once more just to be sure)

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