The home office looks good in the social media streams – but how does it work in practice? 

Social media streaming is full of home office captures. Kids doing their homework at the kitchen table and adults drinking coffee with a laptop on their lap. It brings a mix of feelings of it being something exotic, unpleasant as well as scary. However, the job needs to be done. We list a few ideas on how to successfully work from home.


What is required to successfully work from home?

  • Good communication and clear rules
  • Driven colleagues
  • Discipline
  • Set time tables
  • Well prepared
  • Work hours need to have a clear starting and end point
  • Clear lines between work and free time
  • Reports
  • Well functioning communication channels

How can you further improve distance working?

Think about unity! Create a functioning group dynamic even digitally. Implement virtual lunch meetings and coffee breaks. Why not have a virtual after work on friday? Furthermore, make sure you get some fresh air. This could also be done virtually together.

Agree on common rules. As a concrete example: if you use tools for chat sessions, should you keep the lines open at all time or at certain times to allow people to focus on work in peace? Focus and efficiency will suffer if you are constantly interrupted. This is where we need to remind ourselves that everyone is different and reacts differently to various distractions.

Not everyone is equally savvy and skilled with the software used or the digital ways of working.  Especially during these times it is important to remember that for some working from a distance is a entirely new concept. Remember to support them and together become even more effective.

Some advice for leaders who experience a lack of control when it comes to colleagues:

  • Clear communication and given rules
  • Trust in everyone carrying out their part
  • Request confirmation
  • Have a clear structure
  • Regular checkups
  • Star the day with a check-in and end the day with a common goodbye
  • Teamwork

What are we constantly learning?

  • We put various strengths and weaknesses to the test
  • We become more effective
  • We learn to utilize digital meetings and various digital tools, perhaps in the future we will travel less and save the environment due to new habits?

Our favourite tip:  Keep a diary with your colleagues that you share with each other. Where do you think we will be in a few weeks time?