Team SupportMe

SupportMe is created by real people for real people

Our mission is to create a sustainable and prosperous working life. We are here for anyone looking for knowledge, support and development – both digitally and IRL. Whether you are a manager, team leader or employee, we serve you on issues related to work-life, work climate and well-being. If we do not have the answer right away, we will help you further. Our expertise lies mainly within leadership, communication, law, work guidance, and recruitment. Our chat functions as daily support and our expert services can be purchased directly in our webshop.


Yasmine Hedman, Bertills & Jung
Yasmine Hedman is a HR consultant at SupportMe. She has previously worked within the law administration with social and economic issues. She is a trained political master in international law, public law, private law, and political science. Hedman has also previously worked as a parliamentary assistant and a production assistant.
Through SupportMe, she guides you digitally or out in the field in questions related to the staff and everyday life in the workplace. This can be about personnel plans, employee strategies, skills provision, risk management processes and more. Yasmine Hedman receives all questions that come  through the chat and assists you further.

Communication & leadership
Bertills & Jung
Anna Bertills and Linn Jung run the communications agency Bertills & Jung. Communication and leadership are about solving problems in creative ways and producing messages that sell and evoke emotions. Within SupportMe, Bertills & Jung lectures, guides and analyzes communication and leadership.
Anna Bertills is a political scientist but has worked within national interest surveillance. Government administration, politics, and social relations belong to Anna’s parade branches. Linn Jung is a journalist and has worked as a commercial media producer and writer in the newspaper and media industry. Mostly with copywriting, the web and social media.

Work guidance & coaching
Two Sisters Consultation
Sisters Jenny Julin and Anna Nordmyr run the company Two Sisters Consultation. For over ten years, they have been working to create mental and social well-being in workplaces.
Jenny Julin and Anna Nordmyr are sympathetic and empathetic listeners who have been brought up to work purposefully through the focus on sports. With the emotions close at hand, they allow the passion to understand human behavior to be the driving force in helping others in the working life. Julin is essentially a Master of Special Education and a trained supervisor and organizational consultant according to Suomen Työnohjaaja’s requirements. Nordmyr is an economics master and has several training courses in training and mental well-being.

Law & labor law
Lextera Law
Anne Lindgren-Slotte runs the law firm Lextera Law. Lindgren-Slotte is a trained Magister Juris and Master of Economics and has been awarded the title of Deputy Chief of Law in austerity in Österbotten district court in 2012. At SupportMe, Lextera Law offers legal services in Swedish, Finnish and English.
Most people and businesses need legal advice and assistance at some stage of their lives. Legal cases can feel daunting and law firms can sometimes feel difficult to approach. Lextera Law is a law firm with a low threshold to contact.


Recrutiment & evaluation
A-zeta Consulting

Anders Finne is the CEO for A-zeta Consulting. Since A-zeta Consulting was founded in 2015, it supports organizations and people who want to grow and develop.  Our goal is to offer high-qualitative recruitment- and development services to both private sector and public sector organizations, internationally but predominantly in the Nordics. Since the start of our business, we have continuously and humbly assessed and updated our own working methods and processes, as we strive to provide our customers with solutions to current and future challenges.