SupportConsulting is a temporary HR support that guides the staff on a concrete basis. Our HR experts contribute to the business’s continued development regarding work climate, well-being, and everyday processes. Yasmine Hedman and Anna Bertills are SupportConsulting’s HR consultants.

The HR work of a company encompasses the entire relationship between employers and employees. Here we find legal, health care, work, well-being, skills, and development. Sustainable staff work requires time and resources. Many companies and organizations find it difficult to keep up with everyday life and business. Nevertheless, every company needs a good foundation to stand on to develop further. There is a need for both short-term and long-term strategies and our HR consultants can be hired for both temporary and permanent assignments.

SupportConsulting helps with

Personnel Plans
Together we create a Personnel Plan, your most important tool in HR work. Partly through concrete documentation, but also through a training day where we basically go through the company’s most important framework.

Employee strategy
Together we go through the business and its objectives. Do the objectives and staff strength match? What measures may be needed in the future? How does teamwork work? We strengthen cooperation by focusing on common values ​​and goals.

Strategic skills provision
We review the organization of the business and analyze future competence needs. What skills do we need now and forwards? Together we develop what competencies already exist and which ones are lacking. Then we plan future recruitments and continuing education in accordance with them.

Social Media Policy
Together we develop a policy that supports the successful management of social media. Many employers today find it a given to create common guidelines for social media. This includes both risk management and inspiration for strengthening the workplace brand.

Communication plan
External and internal communication go hand in hand and constantly live side by side. Together we develop a sustainable communication plan according to the needs of the business. If necessary, we also support the practical implementation.

Risk Management Processes
We do your risk mapping and analyze the business and support you in the management going forward.

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