Profitability optimization is all about doing detective work

Viktor Ekman, CEO of Aliceco, works with these main points: sustainability, profitability, and business development. In times like this, with uncertainty along with challenges, most companies spin their minds about their profitability. The global economy is now very unsure and likewise the national economy. What can we expect from this fall? And how will our businesses manage to keep things up through the crisis?

A third part and neutral assessment can many times be the best for you to proceed your development. Ekman tells that for him it is all about doing an overall view of the business that could be compared with detective work.

– Our goal in businesses and organisations that we work with is to put all our effort in extracting a greater potentiality, to wind up the activity and efficiency, says Ekman. When I meet a customer, I always go through customer segmentations, working operations and decisions that affects the net pay-profitability.

Profitability optimization also includes investigations about leakage, for example in the form of time and money. Or is it just details that no one has seen or subconsciously laid a hold on? Its time to look at the customers that you have, what in the operation is the most expensive one and dare to correct and evaluate the pricing for the products.

– How does the quarterly report look and what is the aim of the business right now? How are the personnel doing and how is the attitude against change among the staff? This has a great impact on the profitability of the company, says Ekman.