The protection of your personal data is a fundamental right and we at Bertills & Jung Ab observe that your, ie the one who is registered’s, rights are realized in the processing of personal data in connection with your registration as a Customer or User on the SupportMe portal.

In this privacy policy, we review why we process your personal data and what your rights are when processing your personal data when you visit the SupportMe portal maintained by Bertills & Jung Ab and the use of the services offered there.

We respect the privacy of our Customers or Users and undertake to protect personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act.

This privacy policy was last updated 28.1.2020.


Data controller


Bertills & Jung Ab (hereinafter “we” or “us“)
FO Number: 2920653-9
Rådhusgatan 21
65100 Vasa

Telephone: +358 50 354 27 20

As the personal data manager’s contact person acts Yasmine Hedman,


Purpose of processing personal data and the scope of processing


We collect, store and process personal data only for purposes defined in advance. We are committed to ensuring that we have at least one legal basis for storing and processing personal data. The main purposes and the legal bases are regarding the provision and provision of HR-related documents, lectures, web courses, forms, tests, templates, the provision of expert services and the HR support tool SupportConsulting that we

  • through marketing wants to offer potential customers an opportunity to use our services (in connection with which may include any related profiling) and thereby process personal information;
  • by helping to improve and simplify HR matters can process personal information in order to develop SupportMe’s business concept and analyze the use of the service, etc.;
  • by maintaining and developing the websites in order to ensure the functioning of websites can process certain personal data (more information about cookies can be found further down in the document);
  • also processes personal information in connection with contact requests;
  • in connection with the registration as a Customer or User and during the course of the customer or user relationship also processes personal information especially based on the provision of services, invoicing, collection and processing of customer response.


Regarding these purposes, the basics are above all the execution and preparation of agreements, compliance with statutory obligations (such as accounting and taxation) and our legitimate interests. The processing of personal data is based on our legitimate interest in caring for customer or user conditions and getting new Customers or Users. In some cases, the processing is based on your consent (for example, with regard to some direct electronic marketing).

We do not collect personal data through social media, and private messages are only kept during active use, which is during the discussion. After that, they are removed. No sensitive information is processed in the channels on social media.

When you, as users of different channels on social media, have accepted the terms of use for each channel and are using the channel in question, you are responsible for your own personal data. We are not responsible for the personal information of a registered user of one or more channels on social media and therefore do not undertake to protect such information.


What kind of personal data is collected and how is the personal data collected?


As a starting point, we collect our Customers’ or Users’ personal data as well as potential customers’ personal data from the affected Customers/Users/ potential customers themselves by contacting/maintaining contact through the contact tools available on SupportMe’s website. With regard to potential customers, we can collect documentation from, for example, LinkedIn or the potential customer’s website, etc.

For the purposes set out in paragraph 2, we process the following categories of personal data:

  • name;
  • address;
  • delivery address;
  • phone number;
  • email address;
  • language;
  • contract information;
  • billing information;
  • transaction and purchase information;
  • email correspondence;
  • information related to contact requests;
  • information related to downloading and using digital content on SupportMe, ie how to use the website;
  • information on complaints and requests from data subjects and
  • consent (for electronic direct marketing and recruitment).


Please note that what determines which personal data is processed and the extent of this processing – is your position, for example, if you are acting as a Customer or User or visiting our website.


How we manage cookies


By using this website you agree that we may set cookies on your computer, touchpad or mobile device.

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer when you connect to a website. Cookies recognize your computer, touchpad or mobile device when you come to the site and in this way cookies improve the website experience.

SupportMe uses a system that uses cookies. By using this system, for example, we can see how many people visit our websites and in what way. Through this information, we can, in turn, develop and streamline the websites.

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings so that you are notified every time cookies are sent to your computer, touchpad or mobile device. Alternatively, you can completely prevent cookies.

In the event that you prevent or otherwise restrict access to cookies, some features of our website may not work properly.


Your rights 


If you wish to exercise your rights as a registered person, you can contact []. As a starting point, it is free of charge to exercise the rights you have as a Registered Member. However, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee if the request is repetitive or manifestly unfounded or unreasonable.

You can influence the collection and processing of data in different ways:

Control, correction, and deletion of data

The registered has the right to review the personal data that has been registered about him or her. Upon the data subject’s request, we correct, remove or supplement personal data that is incorrect, unnecessary, defective or outdated with respect to the purpose of the treatment.

Transferring data from one system to another

The registered may request that the personal data he or she has entered may be transferred to him or her, or another person responsible for personal data by contacting the address mentioned at the beginning of this privacy policy. However, one condition is that these are information specified by the Customer or Users themselves and that they are automatically processed on the basis of consent or agreement.

Right to prohibit direct marketing

The registered may at any time prohibit the transfer and processing of his direct marketing information by clicking on a link located at the end of electronic direct marketing messages or by contacting the address mentioned at the beginning of this privacy policy.

Right to object and restriction of treatment

The registered has, for reasons relating to his or her specific situation, the right to object to the processing of personal data based on legitimate interest. In such cases, treatment is limited during the time that the grounds for objecting to the treatment are assessed. The processing may also be limited, inter alia, during the period when the personal data is checked in the case that a Customer or User disputes the accuracy of the personal data.

Right to withdraw consent

The registered may withdraw his consent at any time by contacting the address provided at the beginning of this privacy policy.

Right to make complaints

If you are not satisfied with how we process your personal data, we hope that you and we initially can have a dialogue and that it is possible to sort out the matter. In Finland, the Data Protection Officer’s Office is the monitoring authority. Of course, you can also contact this authority directly.


How do we protect the data we process?


By taking organizational and technical measures, we ensure that your data is secure in all parts, protected from unauthorized processing and is not destroyed, deleted, altered or illegally transferred.

Persons who process personal data are subject to a duty of confidentiality. The data is collected in databases, which are protected by usernames and passwords and technically protected by firewalls.


How long do we save your information?


Your data is stored as long as they are needed for the purpose for which they were collected or as required by law. Thus, it is not always possible to define the storage time in advance, but the following circumstances must be taken into account in each case:

Typically, marketing information is retained as long as the Customer or User in question has not banned receiving marketing messages and the information is otherwise not outdated. If a Customer or User prohibits marketing, we retain this information about the ban and the contact details in order to ensure that the ban is obeyed.

We may be obliged to retain some of our Customers or Users’ personal data in order to comply with the Accounting Act or other mandatory legislation even after the Customer or User Relationship or any other basis for processing personal data has ceased. 


To which third parties is your personal information disclosed?


Personal information handled in connection with your customer relationship is disclosed to our partners only to the extent necessary to offer you our services and to execute and realize your agreement with us, or if you have agreed to it.

The cooperation is based on written agreements that ensure that your personal data is protected. We disclose personal information to authorities in accordance with the legal obligations imposed upon us.


Processing of personal data outside the EU / EEA area


We do not process personal data outside the EU / EEA area.




Inquiries regarding this privacy policy can be sent to the person mentioned at the beginning of the register description.

Contact details of the Authority:
The Data Protection Officer’s Office
Visiting address: Bangårdsvägen 9, 00520 Helsinki
Postal address: PB 800, 00521 Helsinki
Telephone exchange: 029 566 6700
Registrar’s Office: 029 566 6768