Lextera Law is here to help

Lawyer Anne Lindgren-Slotte at Lextera Law wants to be your law firm that is always easy to contact. Do not wait too long to make contact if you are worried about something, she says. Anne Lindgren-Slotte is also one of SupportMe’s legal adviser.

Anne Lindgren-Slotte is running her own law firm Lextera Law with an office in Vaasa and in Jakobstad. This fall she has also started with pop up-offices in both Nykarleby and Vörå. 

As the name can tell, Lextera Law wants to be a down-to-earth law firm that you never should hesitate to ask help from. Most people and companies need legal advice in some point of their life. That is why it is in Anne Lindgren-Slotte’s opinion essential to offer convenient, rigorously, and flexible legal advice. 

– I can help you in different kinds of errands, everything from employment contact content to questions according denunciation or cancellation. Except labour law-matters I also do a lot of different legal matters.  

In addition to availability, Anne Lindgren-Slotte puts a lot of effort in doing a proper preparatory work. 

– To get the best result as possible, good communication, flexibility and precision will be needed. We will always go through all our opportunities with your situation in mind as a starting point. 

Lextera Law offers legal advices to private persons, companies, and compounds. 

Anne Lindgren-Slotte has a wide area of knowledge, with a graduation as Master of Laws and a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration. She has a broad and versatile experience from both courts and law firms. 

Why not make it a habit to meet your lawyer yearly to check up on all the documents and errands?