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Both in better and worse times, support and knowledge of the various elements of labor law are needed. In practice, it can be about labor agreements and probation periods, but also about layoffs or enlargement – and about the risks and opportunities in between. Many times, labor law feels complicated and risky. At SupportMe, Lextera Law answers your labor law questions.

On the one hand, labor law consists of norms that regulate the working relationship between the employer and the employee, that is, the individual labor law. But it also consists of collective labor law. Among the most important laws that apply to the individual worker in working conditions are the Labor Contract Act, the Working Time Act (in effect from 1.1.2020) and the Vacation Act. The most central law that in turn regulates collective labor law is the collective bargaining law.

At SupportMe, Anne Lindgren-Slotte with law firm Lextera Law answers questions related to law in the workplace. Lextera Law guides via chat, Skype, phone, email or physical meetings. Lextera Law always concludes customer-specific assignment agreements at the beginning of the customer relationship with its customers, and by contacting SupportMe with your labor law question you and Lextera Law are linked. In SupportMe’s webshop, you will also find legal documents and lectures.

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