HR-communication is about good internal communication and strong relationships

Today it is increasingly difficult to recruit, attract and maintain good staff. How do we get young individuals to move back? How do we outsource workforce?

The demands for how we as a company talk with and about each other is getting higher. This entails how we talk with our co workers, candidates as well as customers. 

This is where the employer brand starts.

Your brand carries the feeling and values that build up the core for everything. As a company we need to be transparent with our values and how they are carried out in practice.

We could ask ourselves, is there anything we could do when it comes to branding to counteract the lack of workforce?

Here are a few tips to you as a boss:

  1. Keep an open dialog
  2. Frequent reminders of company values both internally and externally.
  3. Make yourself available
  4. Being engaged is key – especially if you want to create change
  5. Use simple tools and techniques – a communication platform for support

Dare to take stand and form opinions about societal questions relevant to your field. The crucial thing for the receiver is relevant communication. In this instance you can not distinguish between internal and external communication.   

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