Björn Helsing new Advisor at SupportMe

The Corona crisis has left the restaurant industry in turmoil. SupportMe has taken on board Björn Helsing as an advisor for the restaurant and events industry.


With his close to 30 years experience within the industry, Björn Helsing will mainly focus on entrepreneurs within the restaurant and events industry. Helsings expertise stretches from strategic consulting to product – and concept development. In his role as a chef, educator, strategic advisor and entrepreneur he has witnessed a great deal of curveballs throughout the years.

 – Throughout the last decades I have seen many ups and downs, experienced various economic situations and seen trends come and go. But this is where i thrive! The restaurant industry is a unique one. We work hard, at a very fast pace. 

It was in Umeå the career of Helsing took off and he quickly realised he liked strategies, a fast pace and leadership. He sees a continuous demand for competence development. 

– I feel the start up phase to be the most rewarding and fun, as I enjoy the grafting and travelling new paths others can join. My strength lies within working with change which means I need to have a continuous focus on problem solving. 

The situation the restaurants are currently experiencing because of the corona crisis will create a lot of changes – and it is now that restaurants need to put on their thinking caps.

– Now restaurateurs need to think strategically. We are about to witness changes in consumer behaviour and we will need to work accordingly for some time. There are a lot of things to take in to consideration and it is important to remember you do not need to handle everything on your own. Use your team and advisors to effectively implement the new plan for the summer.


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