Be kind to jobseekers

Many apply for the job, but only one will get the position. After the decision has been made it is still important to keep up a good relationship with all candidates. You never know when your roads will cross again.

An advert, hidden recruiting or headhunting with the help of experts. There are many ways to find new employees and coworkers.

– No matter how you recruit it is crucial that everyone involved leaves the process stronger, says senior recruiting consultant Janina Björk at A-zeta. During the recruiting process the consultants at A-zeta keep regular contact with the candidates with the purpose of keeping them up to date. It is an advantage for everyone that everyone involved is aware of the process, says Björk.


A successful recruitment

Before you get started with the interviews it is fundamental to go through the competence of the candidates.

When it is time for interviews it is important to have a clear division of labour.

– It is also good to be many interviewers, which we strive for in our recruiting processes, says junior recruiting consultant Josefin Anderssén.

It is important for the recruiters to understand their role during an interview. To combine various sources is good. Especially within practical professions it is recommended to use a work sample test. A-zeta also uses personality tests as well as other tests during a recruiting process. When using personality tests it is recommended to use trustworthy organizations.


Relaxed and friendly

To be nervous during an interview is not uncommon.

-A relaxed atmosphere during an interview leads to honest and better answers from the jobseeker, says Björk.

At the same time the whole candidate experience becomes more positive.

The relation between employer and employee is about mutual choice. This is why even the employee should strive to create good as well as equal conditions for the ones being interviewed.

-Work with a good structure and everyone should receive similar questions. However, the follow-up questions can vary to some degree and be customized according to the discussion, says Anderssén.


When the decision has been made

After a person has been chosen for a position the remaining candidates are also informed through either phone or email. It is important to be transparent when recruiting.

-We highlight the applicants strengths in relation to the position they applied for, and refer to the requirement profile when choosing the candidate, says Björk.

Most of the time there is a formal criteria that is the decision maker between why one person has been chosen for a position, for example experience. This is why recruiting consultants work with a recruitment profile to make the decision making easier. 

-It is important to keep up a good and personal contact with interesting profiles. Even when it is a person who has not been chosen for a specific position it doesn’t mean this person couldn’t be a gem for another position. 

Furthermore it is also important to show respect to all applicants, says Anderssén.  


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