Anna Nordmyr: ” The concept One day at a time is now being put to the test”

These are exceptional times we are living in at the moment with a state of emergency across the country. Suddenly the majority are working from home, students are practicing online learning and entrepreneurs are struggling to keep their businesses above water.

It will take some time to adapt. But there are some things we can all implement to make the situation easier. Work and organizational consultant Anna Nordmyr gives us 6 tips that could help us handle the situation.

1. To start with it is important to try and keep as many routines as possible even if we are working from our home or studying online. It is not easy and some adjustments will have to be made. However, it is for example good to try and keep getting up the same time as usual in the mornings and keep your usual eating habits.

2. Don’t lose contact with others. This is by far the most important advise. Even though we might all be spread out cooped up in our own homes it is important to keep in touch through telephone calls, email or other channels. If we isolate ourselves completely we give the panic the room to grow.

3. If you find yourself dipping and you feel the feeling of panic taking over you should quickly take action and reach out to someone you trust for a chat. This could be your supervisor, colleague, family member or a friend. If you find yourself feeling very low – seek professional help immediately and do not let the situation brew. You have the possibility of seeking help digitally via the web.

4. As a leader you hold a crucial role within your team in this situation.  Inform your staff about what is going on, to keep everyone updated. To lead is not an easy job, especially if you yourself are feeling down and feel somewhat helpless facing the current situation. If you are unwell – seek help immediately. It is important to remain calm and to carry yourself through the situation one step at a time. At this very moment there is nothing we can do except stand by the information at hand and update along the way. Even though you as a leader need to keep a calm manner when it comes to your staff it is important you have a forum where even you can voice your concerns. This is where a work consultant could be of help.

5. Keep taking care of your health, make sure to move. As of now it is not possible to stroll around outside in groups, but instead, you could as a fun tip, create common challenges in the space of your own home. You could for example decide on a specific challenge within your workgroup that will last until the end of these restrictions. For example you could agree on running or walking 1 time/10minutes/ 1 km per day. A small campaign like this lets you focus on something different once in a while too.

6. Last but not least, encourage each other. During this time, each one of us will feel like dipping and frustration due to the situation. Especially the ones most affected by the situation will face very difficult times. It is more important than ever to support, help and encourage one another.

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