3 things to consider before signing a employment contract

Are you considering employing new co-workers to your firm?Or perhaps you are about to sign your first employment contract? Lawyer Anne Lindgren-Slotte tells us about 3 points worth taking into consideration – for both employer and employee.


1. As an employer, make sure to create a safe and transparent atmosphere to enable conversations about employment conditions and expectations to run smoothly. A direct and open communication approach is preferable also when it comes to employment contracts. Without clear guidelines, misunderstandings easily occur regarding terms and expectations.

2. For you who’s about to sign under a contract. Ask yourself “ Does this fulfill my expectations?”. What, where and when are some of the questions that should be answered in your contract of employment. Are there things left unclear or perhaps wording that has left you confused? Make sure to always ask and make things clear before signing under.

3. Be familiar with the precepts both as an employer and employee. And once again, make sure to ask if anything is left unclear!

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